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MST announces iMST Viewer for Apple® iPad®

Charlotte, NC —February 5, 2013 -MS Technology (MST),a leader in viewing, collaboration, redaction and conversion technology, announces the iMST Viewer for the Apple iPad. The iMST Viewer brings the amazing viewing technology that is provided by desktop users to the iPad.

The iMST Viewer provides iPad users with the capability to view, annotate and share MS Office, IBM file formats and PDF documents, as well as many other types of files including PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and ABIC stored on their organization’s servers. The iMST Viewer can also be integrated into your organization’s workflow.

iMST Viewer unique capability to temporarily store documents and images to the iPad in the event that mobile connection is not available when the files are needed. Additionally users are able to use the iPad camera to capture images and documents, and save them to the repository. The iMST Viewer appeals to companies who work out in the field where documents are needed for reference but data connection may not be such as the oil and gas, and insurance industries.

“We are very excited about the launch of the iMST Viewer. We see a lot of growth in the mobile industry as more and more users move away from the desktop,” said Alexander Grant, VP of Product Development at MST.

The iMST Viewer is available now for download from the Apple iTunes® App Store®.

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