MS Technology

With the ever-changing technology and for companies growing and moving to the new Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, it requires converting legacy documents and images with their respective annotations into other files formats including PDF. It could be a very cumbersome and expensive proposition.

The conversion solutions offered by MST are efficient, affordable and have been designed to handle varied document conversion projects. Our solutions convert any type of file format to industry standard formats (PDF, TIFF, JPEG, etc.) to ensure compatibility, portability and usability with every ECM solution. Moreover, MST solutions ensure that there is no data lost during the conversions and the annotations are kept in their respective positions. The development team can rely on MST products to meet its organization requirements and simplify its software development processes.

Our popular MO:DCA To PDF, MO:DCA to TIFF, and TIFF to PDF converter has been packaged into our Raster SDKs and also into our new MST Batch Converter. We still provide the facility to convert the IBM proprietary file formats (MO:DCA, IOCA, PTOCA) into the PDF format.

The solutions are available for both Windows and Java platforms as well for IBM AS/400 systems.