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MS Technology’s DICOM SDK provides full support for DICOM images and access to the DICOM dataset to help in developing powerful, world-class medical healthcare applications. It provides support for both lossy and lossless DICOM-compliant formats, including 8-bit and 16-bit extended grayscale image support, DICOM annotations, and specialized medical image processing. Provides complete support of 2D and 3D images for viewing and processing medical images. The MST DICOM SDK uses C++/CLI and supports .NET language on all Microsoft Windows® platforms.

Rendering 2D DICOM Images

The Medical Imaging SDK suite allows viewing of DICOM 2D images. It can import and stack the complete study and series with or without DICOMDIR. Includes advance medical image processing tools such as window level, window width, edge detection, free-hand rotation and zoom, invert, sharpness, and smoothness.

Provides out-of-the-box support for DICOM overlays and annotations with additional set of SDK toolkit including advance annotation tools such as ruler, angle, line, ellipse, pencil, polyline, polygon, curve, closed curve, and arrow.

Quickly browse through images in a series such as auto play with controlled speed. The suite also provides rendering of video codecs at the desired frame rates.

Rendering 3D DICOM Images

The SDK provides functions to convert DICOM images from a study or series into 3D volume data. The volume data can be used to generate 3D functions that include MIP, Volume Rendering, Surface Rendering, MPR, and much more…

PACS Support and Integration

The SDK extends the capability to integrate with DICOM servers or Modalities. It allows searching and retrieving patients study or series and stores it in a local user database and makes it searchable for other users. It allows sending and receiving DICOM images with specified compressions techniques to be used during data transfer.

Grayscale and Color DICOM Processing

The SDK supports rendering and processing of both gray scale and colored DICOM images.

DICOM Annotation

The SDK provides out-of-the-box support for all DICOM annotations and overlays. This feature can be controlled through preferences option to enable/disable the annotation overlays.

Provides additional set of SDK toolkit with advance annotation tools such as ruler, angle, line, ellipse, pencil, polyline, polygon, curve, closed curve, and arrow.

DICOM Printing

The SDK provides the functions to integrate with DICOM printers and send specific image(s) to DICOM print Modality with the information to be printed on the top left/right/bottom left right corners.

SDK also facilitates users to print DICOM images on paper with various options such as multiple images on a single sheet with or without annotations.

DICOM Scanning and Image Capture

The SDK provides an interface to integrate with various Modalities such as CT and MRI, and retrieve patients study, series and images.

Bit-depth Support

Bit-depths of documents and images of 1, 4, 8, 16, 24 bit are supported by the SDK. Bit-depths can be modified.

Supported File Compressions

The SDK supports many forms of documents and image compressions including RLE, G3 Fax, G4 Fax, JPEG, Flate, LZW, and IBM MMR. APIs are provided for developers enabling them to provide tools for modifying to and from documents and image file compressions.

Image Processing Operations

The SDK provides methods to enable users to preform image processing operations on all DICOM images. These image processing operations will enable users to enhance an image to make it more visible, zoom and rotate it without pixilation, flip it horizontally and/or vertically, crop it, adjust the brightness and contrast, invert the colors of an image, and provides many other operations to be applied on the documents and images.

PDF Support

The SDK facilitates users to export DICOM images into PDF format.

In 2D, the SDK provides developers a complete support for DICOM Datasets including all IOD classes and Modalities such as SC, CR, CT, US, RF, MR, VL, and NM. Provide high level libraries and components that help developers in building industry standard medical imaging applications.

Provides developers a high quality DICOM SDK that will:

  • Read any DICOM Dataset
  • Create and read DICOM elements
  • Create DICOM Dataset for any IOD classes and Modalities such as SC, CR, CT, US, RF, MR, VL, and NM
  • Display DICOM overlays
  • Load and save DICOM Dataset with or without header
  • Traverse DICOM Dataset
  • Search, delete, modify, and create any element in DICOM Dataset
  • Load and save images (compressed or uncompressed)
  • Create and read DICOM directories and sequences
  • Support multiple languages – C#, VB .Net, C++/CLI
  • Most recent DICOM specification
  • Read and store raw data in DICOM Dataset
  • Get, set, and inserts single and multi-frame images (compressed or uncompressed)
  • Load and save any image data (signed or unsigned) including 1 through 8, 12, 16, 24 bits per pixel
  • Search, insert, delete, and traverses basic directory dataset
  • And many more….

Developer Reference

MedVision Namespace
Imaging Namespace