MS Technology

MST Redact is a stand-alone application to redact text from PDF documents. Through an intuitive visual interface, user can permanently block document's sensitive information such as Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and much more...

PDF is a format that is used for everything, from entire books to important documents. When the contents of a PDF file contains confidential and sensitive information, hiding that information is necessary to limit access from users. The information can be hidden from users by redaction process. Through an intuitive visual interface, users can easily hide document's sensitive information such as Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers, account numbers, and more using this application.

File Formats

Support viewing vast number of file formats - documents and images. Listed below are the most common file formats that are supported in MST Web Viewer Flash:

    Allow user to hide sensitive information from PDF files, such as Social Security Number, competitive information and even images.

    Redact Text and Images in a PDF file

    Predefined search patterns

    Several type of confidential and sensitive information comes in the form of text patterns such as credit card number,Date of birth(DOB), passport number, age, gender, race, etc. MST Redact provides a text pattern search capability that allows fast and easy identification of predefined text patterns in PDF files. The application provides numerous powerful predefined text search options that include US Phone numbers, Email addresses, US Money, CW Territory, US Address, Policy Number, Passport Number, Driving License, State, Military Locations, automatically find and highlight the matching searches. The user then redact these searched text patterns at once from the whole document.