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MST Batch Converter is a powerful image and files conversion application that converts large batches of document and/or image files from one format to another. Developed using MS Technology's EnvisionIT technology, MST Batch Converter has built-in functionality to support various file conversions concurrently with an easy-to-use user interface, making quick, easy, and accurate conversions. The MST Batch Converter easily and quickly converts from one file format such as TIFF, JPEG, MOD:CA,DICOM, ASCII, Email, MS Office formats and many others, to any number of format types such as PDF, TIFF, and others ensuring that no data loss during conversion therefore maintaining all document objects such as graphics, text, tables intact.

Fast File Conversion

Optimized to convert millions of documents or images to a desired output format at high speed. Convert up to 1000 pages per minute, reducing the overall conversion time for converting large document buckets. The high conversion speed does not compromise with the converted file size. Allows you to customize the compression schemes to be applied during conversion for multiple destination file types

Fast Conversion Rates

Configure & Execute multiple conversions at the same time with 100% accuracy, increasing productivity and efficiency. Allows configuring multiple source and destination conversions at the same time and each conversion will run in a separate worker thread. Each conversion task can be individually monitored, paused and re-started

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