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MST announces the eViewer version 5.0

Zero-footprint, cross-platform client with Advanced Redaction and Document Compare

Charlotte, NC — October 27, 2015 -MS Technology (MST),a leader in viewing, collaboration, redaction and conversion technology, announces the release of its next version of the successful eViewer, an HTML5-based client version 5.0 at the IBM Insight Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The eViewer provides a more advanced, flexible way to securely view, collaborate, and redact on virtually any document, or image on any device.

The new 5.0 version of the eViewer provides a number of performance enhancements that enable users do more than ever with the eViewer including the ability to auto redact documents and compare two documents versions for changes. The auto redact feature enable users tosearch for specific categories of details, such as account numbers, or telephone numbers within the document, and redact them without having the user search for them manually. Additionally the eViewer can now search for changes between two versions of the same document and highlight all the deltas for the user. This has great applications with reviewing contracts and agreements.

Alexander Grant, VP of Product Development at MST, said, “We’re always working to deliver solutions that make it easier for our customers to be more efficient in their day-to-day work. The eViewer provides even more flexibility for users to access and collaborate on their work files from virtually anywhere in the world.”

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