MS Technology
We are the leader in digital imaging and document management solutions. Our powerful solutions can be integrated with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to view confidential documents stored in the repository. A number of ECMs include:
  • IBM FileNet P8
  • IBM Content Manager 8
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • EMC Documentum Webtop
  • CMIS Compliant ECM

IBM FileNet P8

MS Technology, a recognized leader in quality viewing, annotating, and collaborating, MST Viewer is deployed across almost every industry and has millions of users worldwide. The MST Viewer is the #1 choice of FileNet P8 customers. The MST Viewer seamlessly integrates into IBM FileNet P8, not just integrating with Workplace and Workplace XT, but also IBM Content Navigator. Easy to install and easy to use, MST Viewerrenders and creates annotations following FileNet P8’s object model, rendering a vast number of document and image formats, leverages metadata, and respects user privileges. MST Viewer maintains document security and integrity, speeds collaboration and other workflows, which proves to be a solid return-on-investment.

  • Largest Document and Image File Support: MST Viewer’s multi-format viewer allows access to virtually any document from a single an easy-to-use user interface.
  • Collaborate with Colleagues: View and annotatedocuments and images without altering source documents and document security controls. Users have access a number of different annotations, available in both FileNet format and MST’s proprietary format, to markup documents with the user’s identity visible for their annotations. Discuss markups with colleagues within the viewer to accelerate workflow processes.
  • Document Privacy/Security: Protect confidential information, names, account numbers, and more with MST’s redaction technologies. Using our automated redaction tools, users will not have to manually review the document to redact every instance the information that needs to be redacted appears.
  • Seamlessly integrates with IBM Workplace, IBM Workplace XT, and IBM Content Navigator.
  • Document Distribution: Easily and quickly convert documents and images to PDF for easy distribution to people outside your organization.
  • Easily customizable to meet all of your organization’s requirements.

We have a network of system integrator partners that specialize in IBM FileNet P8 deployment and enhancement, and can assist you in integrating our viewing solutions into your IT infrastructure. Please contact us to learn more on our IBM FileNet P8 viewing capabilities.