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MST::Imaging::Annotations::Pencil Class Reference

#include <MultiPointAnnotation.h>

Inheritance diagram for MST::Imaging::Annotations::Pencil:
MST::Imaging::Annotations::MultiPointAnnotation MST::Imaging::Annotations::MSTAnnotation

Public Member Functions

 Pencil (Pen^ pen, MSTAnnotationPage^ page)
 Constructor of a class. More...
virtual void Draw (GraphicsPath^ gp, array< PointF >^ptArr) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from MST::Imaging::Annotations::MultiPointAnnotation
 MultiPointAnnotation (Pen^ pen, MSTAnnotationPage^ page)
 Constructor of a class. More...
virtual bool HitTest (PointF pt) override
 It is overrided function and use to check point lies in annotation or not. More...
void addPoint (PointF pt)
 use to add new point to annotation. More...
virtual void Load (XmlElement^ element) override
 use to load annotation from XML. More...
virtual void Save (XmlDocument^ writer, XmlElement^ element) override
 use to save annotation in XML. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MST::Imaging::Annotations::MSTAnnotation
 MSTAnnotation (Pen^ pen, MSTAnnotationPage^ page)
 Constructor of a class. More...
void DrawPoints (Graphics^ g)
 Draw Selection points of annotation. More...
array< PointF >^ GetNormalPoints ()
 Gives points array of annotation without any operation such as without rotation,zooming,flip etc. More...
void FlipGraphicsPath (GraphicsPath^ gp, float Width, float Height, bool bHorz, bool bVert)
 Flips annotation's graphics path. More...
void DrawString (Graphics^ g, String^ text, Point location)
 Draw String. More...
void DrawScale (GraphicsPath^ g, PointF pt1, PointF pt2, float distance)
virtual void Move (int cx, int cy)
 Use to move annotation. More...
virtual bool IntersectsRect (System::Drawing::Rectangle rect)
 use to check annotation lies in rectangle or not. More...
virtual void ApplyMatrix (Matrix^ matrix)
 use to apply matrix on graphicsPath. More...
virtual Int16 GetPointIndex (PointF pt)
 use to get index of point. More...
virtual void Draw (Graphics^ g, array< PointF >^ptArr, bool bShowSelection)
 Used to draw annotations. More...
void Burn (Graphics^ g)


Type AnnotationType [get]
 Get type of annotation.
Int16 PointsCount [get]
 Get total number of Points.
array< RectangleF >^ PointRect [get]
PointF Points[Int16] [get, set]
- Properties inherited from MST::Imaging::Annotations::MultiPointAnnotation
bool Closed [get, set]
 Get or Set closed property of annotation which is used to closed the multipoint annotation.
- Properties inherited from MST::Imaging::Annotations::MSTAnnotation
Type AnnotationType [get]
 Get type of annotation.
Color BorderColor [get, set]
 Get or Set annotation's border color.
Int32 BorderWidth [get, set]
 Get or Set annotation's border width.
bool Selected [get, set]
 Get or Set annotation's selection.
array< PointF >^ Points [get]
 Get Points of annotation. More...
PointF Points[Int16] [get, set]
System::Drawing::Drawing2D::GraphicsPath^  graphicsPath [get]
 Get annotation's graphicsPath.
array< RectangleF >^ PointRect [get]
 Get rectangles arround points.
Int16 PointsCount [get]
 Get total number of annotation's points.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from MST::Imaging::Annotations::MSTAnnotation
static bool IsLineIntersectsRect (array< PointF >^pts, System::Drawing::Rectangle rect)
 use to check line intersect with rectangle or not. More...
static double getdistance (PointF start, PointF end, float fPixelWidth, float fPixelHeight)
- Protected Attributes inherited from MST::Imaging::Annotations::MultiPointAnnotation
bool m_bClosed
 Used to closed multipoint annotation i.e. if this is true then annotations starting and ending point is same.
- Protected Attributes inherited from MST::Imaging::Annotations::MSTAnnotation
Pen^ m_pen
array< PointF >^ m_ptArr
bool m_bSelected

Detailed Description

This is a pencil annotation class which is derived from multipoint annotation.

This is a pencil annotation class which is derived from singlepoint annotation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MST::Imaging::Annotations::Pencil::Pencil ( Pen^  pen,
MSTAnnotationPage page 

Constructor of a class.

penused to annotation.
pagedocument page which contains annotation.

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