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MST::Imaging::Annotations::MSTAnnotationPage Class Reference

#include <AnnotationPage.h>

Public Member Functions

 MSTAnnotationPage (System::Windows::Forms::ScrollableControl^ parent)
 Constructor of a class. More...
MSTAnnotationCreateAnnotation (Annotations::Type type, Pen^ pen)
 Used to create annotation. More...
void Draw (Graphics^ g, System::Drawing::Image^ image, bool bAnnotationVisible)
 Used to draw image & annotation. More...
void DrawImage (Graphics^ g, System::Drawing::Image^ image, array< PointF >^pts)
void DrawString (Graphics^ g, Font^ font, Color TextColor, StringFormat^ fmt, String^ Text, array< PointF >^pts)
void DrawString (Graphics^ g, Font^ font, Color TextColor, String^ Text, array< PointF >^pts)
array< Byte >^ BurnAnnotation (System::Drawing::Image^ image)
void ApplyMatrix (System::Drawing::Drawing2D::Matrix^ matrix)
 use to apply matrix on graphicsPath. More...
void Translate (float cx, float cy)
void BringImageToCenter ()
 used to bring image in centre.
void ScaleImageToFitWindow ()
void ScaleImageToFitWindowWidth ()
void ScaleImageToFitWindowHeight ()
void SetImageDimension (float cx, float cy)
void TransformPoints (array< PointF >^, bool bFromCenter)
void TransformPoints (array< PointF >^)
void DeTransformPoints (array< PointF >^, bool bFromCenter)
void DeTransformPoints (array< PointF >^)

Static Public Member Functions

static float GetSlope (PointF pt1, PointF pt2)


Object^  Tag [get, set]
AnnotationCollection^  Annotation [get]
 Get annotation collection.
System::Windows::Forms::ScrollableControl^  Parent [get, set]
 Get or set parent control which is derived from ScrollableControl.
float Rotate [get, set]
 Get or set rotation angle of document page.
bool FlipHorizontal [get, set]
 Get or set horizontal flip of document page.
bool FlipVertical [get, set]
 Get or set vertical flip of document page.
float Zoom [get, set]
 Get or set zoom value of document page.
float Slope [get]
PointF ReferencePoint [get]
array< PointF >^ ImagePoints [get]


ZoomChangeEvent^  ZoomChangeEventHandler

Detailed Description

this is a class which is used AnnotationCollection to collect annotations and document's every page has its own MSTAnnotationPage.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MST::Imaging::Annotations::MSTAnnotationPage::MSTAnnotationPage ( System::Windows::Forms::ScrollableControl^  parent)

Constructor of a class.

parentcontrol which is derived from ScrollableControl

Member Function Documentation

void MST::Imaging::Annotations::MSTAnnotationPage::ApplyMatrix ( System::Drawing::Drawing2D::Matrix^  matrix)

use to apply matrix on graphicsPath.

matrixIt is matrix which apply on graphicpath
MSTAnnotation MST::Imaging::Annotations::MSTAnnotationPage::CreateAnnotation ( Annotations::Type  type,
Pen^  pen 

Used to create annotation.

typeIt is type of annotation.
penused to draw annotation.
An annotation which it create by using type and pen (Object of class MSTAnnotation).
void MST::Imaging::Annotations::MSTAnnotationPage::Draw ( Graphics^  g,
System::Drawing::Image^  image,
bool  bAnnotationVisible 

Used to draw image & annotation.

gGraphics which is used to draw annotation.
bAnnotationVisibleBoolean which is used to show/hide annotation.

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