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MST::Imaging::Annotations::Point Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MST::Imaging::Annotations::Point:
MST::Imaging::Annotations::SinglePointAnnotation MST::Imaging::Annotations::MSTAnnotation

Public Member Functions

 Point (Pen^ pen, MSTAnnotationPage^ page)
 Constructor of a class. More...
virtual void Draw (GraphicsPath^ gp, array< PointF >^ptArr) override
virtual void Move (int cx, int cy) override
 Use to move annotation. More...
double GetDistance (System::Drawing::PointF start, PointF end)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MST::Imaging::Annotations::SinglePointAnnotation
 SinglePointAnnotation (Pen^ pen, MSTAnnotationPage^ page)
 Constructor of a class. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MST::Imaging::Annotations::MSTAnnotation
 MSTAnnotation (Pen^ pen, MSTAnnotationPage^ page)
 Constructor of a class. More...
void DrawPoints (Graphics^ g)
 Draw Selection points of annotation. More...
array< PointF >^ GetNormalPoints ()
 Gives points array of annotation without any operation such as without rotation,zooming,flip etc. More...
virtual void Save (XmlDocument^ writer, XmlElement^ element)
 use to save annotation in XML. More...
virtual void Load (XmlElement^ element)
 use to load annotation from XML. More...
void FlipGraphicsPath (GraphicsPath^ gp, float Width, float Height, bool bHorz, bool bVert)
 Flips annotation's graphics path. More...
void DrawString (Graphics^ g, String^ text, Point location)
 Draw String. More...
void DrawScale (GraphicsPath^ g, PointF pt1, PointF pt2, float distance)
virtual bool HitTest (PointF pt)
 use to check point lies in annotation or not More...
virtual bool IntersectsRect (System::Drawing::Rectangle rect)
 use to check annotation lies in rectangle or not. More...
virtual void ApplyMatrix (Matrix^ matrix)
 use to apply matrix on graphicsPath. More...
virtual Int16 GetPointIndex (PointF pt)
 use to get index of point. More...
virtual void Draw (Graphics^ g, array< PointF >^ptArr, bool bShowSelection)
 Used to draw annotations. More...
void Burn (Graphics^ g)


Type AnnotationType [get]
 Get type of annotation.
- Properties inherited from MST::Imaging::Annotations::MSTAnnotation
Type AnnotationType [get]
 Get type of annotation.
Color BorderColor [get, set]
 Get or Set annotation's border color.
Int32 BorderWidth [get, set]
 Get or Set annotation's border width.
bool Selected [get, set]
 Get or Set annotation's selection.
array< PointF >^ Points [get]
 Get Points of annotation. More...
PointF Points[Int16] [get, set]
System::Drawing::Drawing2D::GraphicsPath^  graphicsPath [get]
 Get annotation's graphicsPath.
array< RectangleF >^ PointRect [get]
 Get rectangles arround points.
Int16 PointsCount [get]
 Get total number of annotation's points.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from MST::Imaging::Annotations::MSTAnnotation
static bool IsLineIntersectsRect (array< PointF >^pts, System::Drawing::Rectangle rect)
 use to check line intersect with rectangle or not. More...
static double getdistance (PointF start, PointF end, float fPixelWidth, float fPixelHeight)
- Protected Attributes inherited from MST::Imaging::Annotations::MSTAnnotation
Pen^ m_pen
array< PointF >^ m_ptArr
bool m_bSelected

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MST::Imaging::Annotations::Point::Point ( Pen^  pen,
MSTAnnotationPage page 

Constructor of a class.

penused to annotation.
pagedocument page which contains annotation.

Member Function Documentation

void MST::Imaging::Annotations::Point::Move ( int  cx,
int  cy 

Use to move annotation.

cxChange in X cordinate.
cyChange in Y cordinate.

Reimplemented from MST::Imaging::Annotations::MSTAnnotation.

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