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MST::Imaging::Annotations::AnnotationCollection Class Reference

#include <AnnotationPage.h>

Inheritance diagram for MST::Imaging::Annotations::AnnotationCollection:

Public Member Functions

 AnnotationCollection ()
 Constructor of a class.
GetEnumerator ()
 use to get enumerator of annotations.
void AddAnnotation (MSTAnnotation^ obj)
 use to add annotation. More...
void RemoveAnnotation (MSTAnnotation^ obj)
 use to remove annotation. More...
void RemoveAllAnnotation ()
 use to remove all annotations.


int AnnotationCount [get]
 Get total number of annotations.
List< MSTAnnotation^ >^ AllAnnotation [get]
 Get all annotations.
MSTAnnotation^  Annotation[Int32] [get]

Detailed Description

this is a class which is used as annotation collection.

Member Function Documentation

void MST::Imaging::Annotations::AnnotationCollection::AddAnnotation ( MSTAnnotation obj)

use to add annotation.

objannotation which will be added.
void MST::Imaging::Annotations::AnnotationCollection::RemoveAnnotation ( MSTAnnotation obj)

use to remove annotation.

objannotation which will be remove.

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