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MST::Imaging::MSTPdfPage Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MST::Imaging::MSTPdfPage:

Public Member Functions

 MSTPdfPage (FileFormat^ fileFmt, int iPageNum)
void RedactText (Color clr, Dictionary< int, List< System::Drawing::Rectangle >^>^TextRects, array< int >^PageNos)
void AddWaterMark (String^ WatermarkText, String^ FontName, int FontHeight, int RotationAngle, Alignment alignment, Color clr)
void AdvancedTextSearch (Dictionary< int, List< System::Drawing::Rectangle >^>^rects, String^ strName, bool keepPrefix, bool RevealLastDigits, int CategoryIndex)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MST::Imaging::Page
 Page (FileFormat^ fileFmt, int iPageNum)
 Constructor of a class. More...
void RotateFlip (RotateFlipType)
 Use to rotate or flip the page. More...
void Draw (System::Drawing::Graphics^ g, int x, int y)
 Use to draw page. More...
void Draw (System::Drawing::Graphics^ g, float x, float y, float width, float height)
bool UpdateImage (array< Byte >^imgData)


System::Drawing::Image^  ScaledImage[float, float] [get]
- Properties inherited from MST::Imaging::Page
int Width [get]
 Use to get width of page.
int Height [get]
 Use to get Height of page.
int BitDepth [get]
 Use to get BitDepth of page.
array< System::Drawing::Color >^ ColorTable [get]
 Use to get ColorTable of page.
array< Byte >^ RawPixelData [get]
 Use to get RawPixelData of page.
int VerticalResolution [get]
 Use to get VerticalResolution of page.
int HorizontalResolution [get]
 Use to get HorizontalResolution of page.
System::Drawing::Image^  Image [get]
 Use to get Image of page.
Object^  Tag [get, set]
 Use to get Tag of page.
System::Drawing::Image^  ScaledImage[float, float] [get]
PAGEINFO PageInfo [get]
 Use to get PageInfo of page.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from MST::Imaging::Page
System::Drawing::Image^ LoadImage (int iHeight, int iWidth, int iBitDepth, array< Byte >^pixelData, array< Byte >^clrTable)
- Protected Attributes inherited from MST::Imaging::Page
int m_iPageNum
System::Drawing::Bitmap^ m_Bmp
Object^ m_Tag

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