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rect - Variable in class MST.Annotations.MSTAnnotation
resizeImage(BufferedImage, Double) - Method in class MST.Imaging.ImageProcessing.MSTImageProcess
Resize the image on the given scale.
ResizeQuality - Enum in MST.Imaging.FileFormats
Rotate - Enum in MST.Imaging.FileFormats
rotate - Variable in class MST.Imaging.FileFormats.SAVEOPTION
RotateAnnotation(int, int, int) - Method in class MST.Annotations.MSTAnnotation
This method rotates annotation
rotateImage(BufferedImage, Rotate) - Method in class MST.Imaging.ImageProcessing.MSTImageProcess
Rotates the given BufferedImage by the specified angle as 90,180,-90 degree.
Rotation - Static variable in interface MST.Imaging.FileFormats.IMSTPage
Rotation - Variable in class MST.Imaging.FileFormats.PageInfo