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Extend and Enhance your IBM Content Manager ImagePlus ECM Solution

Many organizations still depend on IBM Content Manger ImagePlus ECM for their document management needs. IBM Content Manager ImagePlus was the most robust ECM solution ever produced by IBM for the IBM iSeries mainframe. Unfortunately IBM has chosen to no longer provide support for the Content Manager ImagePlus after 2018. This unfortunately created a dilemma for many organizations that still use IBM Content Manager ImagePlus today. These organizations were forced to make a difficult decision to either choose to continue to use IBM Content Manager ImagePlus without support and product updates, or migrate to another IBM or non-IBM ECM solution.

MS Technology, based in Charlotte, NC, has provided IBM with its imaging and annotation viewers and SDKs since 2001 for many of their ECM solutions. Which decision your organization decides to take regarding the IBM Content Manager ImagePlus ECM, MS Technology can provide your organization with the tools and expertise to either extend and enhance the ECM, or assist with migrating to any other ECM solution.


The eViewer HTML5 is our powerful and versatile zero foot-print viewer that can be integrated with IBM Content Manager ImagePlusfor viewing and annotating multiple formats including TIFF, JPG, PDF, MO:DCA and many more. It is a high-performance document viewing solution that enables user to view documents and images from a desktop or any mobile device including Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Several organizations including State and Federal government agencies, logistics and financial companies have integrated the eViewer with IBM Content Manager ImagePluson the iSeries / AS400.

File Format Support

The eViewer not only supports the MO:DCA and TIFF files currently stored in the IBM Content Manager ImagePlus ECM, but it also supports additional formats including Microsoft Office documents, PDF, CAD, and many others. With all the additional file formats supported, your organization can extend the functionality of the IBM Content Manager ImagePlus.


The eViewer can display and is 100% compatible with existing ImagePlus annotations. Display and update existing ImagePlus annotations along with creating new ImagePlus annotations with the eViewer. Not only will your users have the ability to create annotations provided by the standard ImagePlus IWPM, but they will access to additional annotation options to greater enhance the abilities of your users.

Extending Functionality of ImagePlus

The eViewer provides your users with all the same great features as the IBM ImagePlus IWPM provides but more. The eViewer can provide you users with these great features:

  • More file formats supported
  • Document Capture from the eViewer
  • More Document Manipulation Tools
  • Smart Automated Redaction
  • Automatically compare two versions of the same document
  • Great integration capabilities with workflow and BPM applications
  • And more…

To learn more about the eViewer and its impressive functionality, click here.

Whichever option your organization’s choses to go with your IBM Content Manager ImagePlus ECM, MS Technology is ready to assist your organizationwith our highly powerful and versatile solutions, paired with our exceptional support. Contact us today to discuss more about how MST can help your organization with your IBM Content Manager ImagePlus ECM solution.